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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Islamic organization offers women glimmer of hope


Mumbai, Rajab 17/Sep 2 IINA – Muslim women in India are considered the poorest and most desperate lot, living as they door in poor shanty towns, mostly in shacks made of cartons, with no schools and living in abject poverty.

With the opening of special schools, thanks to a Trust that has been set up for that purpose, these women now have a glimmer of hope. The school, which had been made of mud and wattle originally, has been updated and is now a modern one, accommodating 450 female students. Some have even been sent to Sweden to study, thanks to the Rahat Islamic Charitable Trust.

Modern education and vocational know-how are the only means for saving the Muslim community in Mumbai city and others from poverty and backwardness, and this institution for its part is financing the education of 400 poor families. Now some of the females in the community are going for higher degrees in such subjects as engineering and others.

The Trust is mainly concerned with the provision of scholarships to the poor segment of society, and in this connection has also sponsored not less than 350 children, most of them orphans, and the main emphasis is on girls and their education.

Source: International Islamic News Agency (www.http://www.islamicnews.org/english/index.html)


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