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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Muslim Student Dies Saving Woman's Life


Mohamad Abbas Momin, a junior majoring in business administration and a member of USC Army ROTC, died June 28 while attempting to save a woman from drowning on the coast of India. He was 18 years old.

Momin was on a study abroad program sponsored by the University of North Carolina when the accident occurred. He was completing a course in Hindi to learn more about his culture.

While relaxing on a beach in Goa with classmates, Momin noticed the woman struggling in the water. The group saved the woman, but Momin disappeared in the process. His body was found along the coastline 36 hours later.

"He was just the most honest and solid human being you probably could ever meet," said Anand Kishorenath, a junior majoring in Electrical Engineering and a friend of Momin's. "It's kind of frightening how amazing that guy was in terms of his integrity and how honest he was. He's on another level from anyone I think I'll ever probably meet in my life."

In addition to Army ROTC, Momin was part of the Southern California Indo-Americans Club, the Pakistani Students Association, the Muslim Student Union and Student Senate.

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