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Friday, December 28, 2007

Muslim, Christian, Jewish leaders seek peace between US and Iran


DES MOINES — A coalition of Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders is calling for American and Iranian authorities to open negotiations and stop planning for war.The statement, "A Pax on Both Our Houses" says the war in Iraq demonstrates how war wastes lives and resources, and violates human rights. "Pax" is Latin for "peace."

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  • At 9:33 AM, Blogger Old Dog said…

    If nothing else, nice that we can all come together with puns! :)

    Sorry I haven't been in touch, it's been a long road recovering from the holidays. I'm still working on what I think we should do as far as bridging the gap between Muslims and agnostic skeptics (if we can both be seen as representatives of our particular ethoses). One idea I've had is for us to both create ANOTHER blog that addresses issues that we both want to comment on. While I like the fact that we can point out how our similarities outweigh our differences, I think our differences are still the sticking issue. I would like it if we could discuss things that concern us about our respective world-views in a respectful, polite manner. That seems important now, since, currently, the similarities are being addressed with nice, photogenic rounds of group congratulations, while the differences are generally being addressed with angry rhetoric and violence.

    I would also like to separate those issues which are cultural and which are religious. I personally find things like terrorism and "honor killings" repulsive in the extreme, but I don't think that's Islam, I think that's...something else much more primitive. I would like it if we could do kind of a point/counter point discussion of the ACTUAL issues that seem to be dividing us and maybe shed some light on them in a positive, productive manner, while acknowledging that the goal isn't to fix any of these issues, but more to just take them from being the exclusive territory of radicals on both sides. How does that sound?

  • At 11:24 AM, Blogger Calm_cool_collected said…

    Hi Alan: While the differences are important to discuss in a civil manner (and this has been done, it just doesn't get media attention), perhaps we can start this way:

    1. Outline some of your basic beliefs and I can talk about some of mine as a Muslim.

    2. Find out what is common and discuss that at length.

    3. Then bring up the differences and hash those out in a respectful manner.

    Finding what we have in common is important to do first, since it will establish the necessary rapport to discuss differences in a respectful manner. I think once we see what is common, we are more likely to listen to differences with respect. However, I would be open to a reverse approach if you prefer that.

  • At 7:41 PM, Blogger MichelleInSanDiego said…

    Yet another mid-east peace movie is coming to the San Diego Jewish Film Festival in February. There is one Arabic-Hebrew English film, which I've got on my blog at

    It's got such a funny line, I just have to share it with you in paraphrase:
    If we got all of the smokers who are on each side and told them you have to purchase cigarettes from the other side, they would find to a way to make peace...in one day!

    Here's the official trailer

    Here's a youtube one, so you can scroll to the end and catch the humorous line:

    (I got to your blog via IndianaBeth's learning Arabic blog.)


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