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Sunday, January 24, 2010

U.S. Muslim medical group sets up clinic in Haiti

(Port-au-Prince, Haiti, January 24, 2010) - The Islamic Medical Association of North America (IMANA) said today that it has helped convert the “Bojeux Parc” amusement park in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, to a health care facility. The facility is being operated through a partnership between IMANA, Comprehensive Disaster Response Services (CDRS) and AIMER Haiti volunteers.

With existing hospitals in Port-Au-Prince overwhelmed with patients, IMANA said physicians at the facility are hoping to increase their capacity as quake victims continue to present with fractures, infected wounds and dehydration.

“On day one, an air hockey table doubled as a procedure table. Now, with our partners, we are providing services from pediatricians, obstetricians, emergency doctors, and surgeons to at least 100 patients a day. We are hoping to arrange equipment that would allow our surgeons to go from performing simple procedures to running a full mobile operating room,” said Dr. Sameer Gafoor, a volunteer physician in Port-au-Prince. Gafoor is a cardiologist at the Washington Hospital Center in Washington, D.C.

IMANA is planning to send additional teams of physicians and surgeons every week with shipments of supplies to support existing operations.


Formed in 1968, the Islamic Medical Association of North America provides a forum and resource for Muslim physicians and other health care professionals to promote a greater awareness of Islamic medical ethics and values among Muslims and the community-at-large, to provide humanitarian and medical relief, and to be an advocate in health care policy.



  • At 6:15 PM, Anonymous Sarah said…

    Mash'Allah! You are doing a wonderful job with your blog. It is so important especially in today's society for us to give exposure to the positive efforts our brothers and sisters are making. I am currently organizing an effort to contact national American news broadcasters to encourage them to share the positive stories about Muslims instead of only telling of the terrorist attacks that are threatening our peaceful religion. Insh'Allah it is ok for me to refer to your blog. May Allah swt bless you for your efforts!

  • At 8:55 PM, Blogger Samana Siddiqui said…

    Jazak Allahu khayran for your kind words.

    Please go ahead and refer this website to them if you like. Hope your initiative to contact the media works out in the best way insha Allah.


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