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Monday, September 27, 2004

Federation of Muslim Scholars renounces killing of hostages


Cairo, Sha'aban 13/Sep 27/IINA – The Federation of Muslim Scholars has renounced the taking of civilian hostages because of their different religions, and expressed the view that this is a kind of infringement that is forbidden in Islam.

The Federation called upon the hostage-takers in Iraq to immediately release the hostages they have taken, and urged the resistance in that country not to emulate the what the occupation forces are doing in pursuing uncivilized methods. The Federation said that the Muslims who do this have crossed the bounds of the Shari'a.

The statement made it clear that the Federation renounces the kidnapping of hostages, such as the two Italian women who were working for a humanitarian organization, though it condemns the stance of the Italian Government that is aligned to the US occupation forces. The two Italian girls, Simona Bari and Simona Turia, were kidnapped on September 7 this year.

The Federation's statement also condemned the taking hostage of school children that took place in a school in Besilan, North Osetia, southern Russia, which resulted in the death of 399, of whom 171 were children, in addition to the kidnappers themselves. The scholars said that though they believed in the righteousness of the Chechen cause, they still condemned the taking of child hostages and submitting them to such atrocious acts, adding that the Chechen people have a right to self-determination.

The Federation of Muslim Scholars was formed in London in July this year, and comprises both Sunni and Shi'a scholars and intellectuals, the purpose being to establish it as an authority to be referred to in matters of Fiqh and Islamic culture. Its president is Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradhawi.


Source: International Islamic News Agency (www.islamicnews.org)


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