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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Muslim-American's firm one of the best places to work in Philadelphia


BENSALEM-With a staff of just 18, Parkway Clinical Laboratories doesn’t have the size or resources to offer its employees perks like an on-site fitness center or a full-service cafeteria. Dr. Raza Bokhari, the company’s president and CEO, has other techniques for keeping his staff motivated and happy.

“I try to create an environment where people have the sense that they work with me, not for me,” he said, “I like to empower people to be decision-makers.” That’s a necessity for Bokhari, who describes himself as a physician-turned-entrepreneur.


Parkway ranked third among small employers, defined as those with fewer than 100 employees, in a survey of companies participating in an independent survey conducted by QMR Research of the region’s “Best Places to Work”.

One unidentified Parkway employee noted in an online survey, “Every person that works here has a feeling of empowerment to not only get their job done, but also to pitch in when others need it.”

Employees gave the company high scores for “manager effectiveness” and “trust in senior leaders.”

Marcia Zaruba-O’Conor, the company’s director of sales, said what she enjoys about her job is being able to set her own hours so she is able to be at home when her son needs her.


Bokhari said his philosophy is everybody knows what the company’s deadlines are and workers should be allowed to work hours that best suit their needs. “That way personal life and work life can be balanced,” he said.

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