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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Muslims Pray and Collect Funds For Tsunami Victims


Matthew Daneman
Staff writer

(December 28, 2004) — BRIGHTON — More than 23,000 killed, with the death toll mounting. A million people left homeless, with that number sure to climb as well.

In the face of a natural disaster such as the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami, where the word "tragedy" seems pale and meaningless, sometimes all there is left to do is pray.

"Please help them. Help those people, Allah," said Muhammad Shafiq, imam and executive director of the Islamic Center of Rochester, as he knelt Monday night in prayer.


Monday night's service also marked the unofficial start of a fundraising effort for disaster relief by the Rochester area's Muslim community, Shafiq said.


Meanwhile, Muslims and non-Muslims alike can snatch a small bit of good from the suffering and misery of the tsunami disaster, said worshipper Rauf Bawany.

"These are the reminders to us, we should learn to live on the earth like human beings," said the native Pakistani now living in Henrietta. "We are all the children of Adam and Eve. We should feel their pain and we should try to help."

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