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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Muslim Family's Legacy of Interfaith Work Began long ago


Repairing cross-cultural bridges in our community, after the heartbreaking conflicts in recent weeks, will require people with a large view of the world, a long view of history and a deep understanding of the human spirit.

To illustrate that point, in his Bloomfield Township home Muslim activist Victor Begg delicately opened one end of an exquisitely etched silver tube his grandfather gave him. Into the palm of his hand dropped a parchment scroll that has been preserved inside this little masterpiece of Indian craftsmanship for 63 years.


Now, Begg is 58 and a cofounder of several local groups that promote interfaith dialogue. His 20-year-old daughter, Sofia Begg Latif, a University of Michigan-Dearborn student, is following his example by working with groups that promote religious diversity. Both work closely with the National Conference for Community and Justice.

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