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Friday, August 12, 2005

Muslim man dies helping police officer in Arizona


Dawud Isa Abusida

Dawud Isa Abusida, 56, was a veteran Tucson cabdriver who started his own business, Budget Cabs, just two months ago.

He also was a scientist, with a master's degree in food science from the University of Arizona, a fact that surprised many of his co-workers, who said he never mentioned it, though he displayed a keen intelligence.

His co-workers and his family were not surprised to learn he died while trying to help a sheriff's deputy. His youngest son, Islam, 24, said his father's actions were consistent with the man he had become.


Dawud Abusida was a Palestinian who emigrated from Saudi Arabia to the United States, where he thought the future would be brighter for him, his wife and their four children.


Islam Abusida said his father's religion was important to him and the reason he named his youngest son to honor it.

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