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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Muslim charity helps Jews celebrate Passover

SANA'A, April 12— In a kind gesture of religious tolerance, the Muslim Charitable Society for Social Welfare (CSSW) provided Yemeni Jews in Amran with clothes and gifts on the important Jewish celebration on Passover last Wednesday.

"During Muslim celebrations, the society donates clothes and food," said Mohammad Al-Qubati, the general manager of the CSSW. "Jews are part of Yemeni society and we are trying to reach all of society's needy groups."

The CSSW provided about 50 Jews living in Raida with new clothes and gifts for Passover, most of whom are orphans, widows and other less fortunate.

On the occasion, Rabbi Yahya Yussif in Sana'a wished wellbeing and protection for all Yemeni people: "On behalf of all the Jewish community, I thank the President for his constant care of the Yemeni Jews," he said.

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