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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Muslim Group wins Cornell's Perkins Prize

The 17th annual James A. Perkins Prize for Interracial Harmony and Understanding was presented March 8 to the Committee for the Advancement of Muslim Culture. Honorable mentions went to Cindy van Es for her Business Opportunities in Leadership and Diversity (BOLD) program, among other efforts, and to Peter Van Do on behalf of the "Exit Saigon, Enter Little Saigon" Smithsonian Traveling Exhibit Program Series.

Sara Rahman '12, president and founder of the Committee for the Advancement of Muslim Culture, who accepted the award on behalf of the committee, noted in her application that the committee recruited a diverse group of 50 Muslims and non-Muslims to promote its mission of advocating for a space on campus "where students can come together to network, socialize and discuss the challenges Muslim Americans face in the post 9/11 world."

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