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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Muslim becomes president of Chicago interfaith body

June 21 was a proud day for the Illinois Muslim community as they saw Brother Kareem Irfan address the Council of Religious Leaders of Metropolitan Chicago as the first Muslim to be elected President of this interfaith organization. Br. Kareem is a former Chairperson of the CIOGC and has been active in interfaith and advocacy work for several years.

The Council of Religious Leaders strives to create a climate of understanding by sharing the insights of the various religious faiths on issues affecting the common good. It seeks to act with a unified voice on social issues affecting the people of Chicagoland.

The CIOGC was represented at the event by Dr. Zaher Sahloul, Tasneem Osmani, Saleem Sheikh, Maqsood Quadri, Dr. Kaiseruddin and Mohamed Nasir along with Board Members from our member organizations like Mosque Foundation and Islamic Foundation.

“It was truly a historic event to see a Chicago Muslim, our own Br. Kareem Irfan, address as the President of the Council of Religious Leaders of Metropolitan Chicago, to the leaders from 40 different religious organizations in the beautiful backdrop of the Garfield Park Conservatory,” said Tasneem Osmani, Vice Chair of the Council.

“I feel blessed that Allah has granted me the chance to represent the Council of Islamic Organizations and its Muslim constituency on this important inter-faith body,” said Kareem Irfan.

“It was a wonderful gathering with great speeches,” said Dr. Kaiseruddin, former Chairperson of the Council. “It was a huge recognition of Brother Kareem’s efforts and interaction with leaders over several years.”

Learn more about the Council of Religious Leaders at www.crlmc.org

Source: ISNA.net

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