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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Muslim woman at Stanford wins Rhodes Scholarship


Since 1905, Stanford has been home to 86 Rhodes Scholars, including two recent additions as of Saturday, Oct. 19. Stanford seniors Tanya Ali Haj-Hassan and Elizabeth Mayne will be attending Oxford University next fall on the world’s oldest international fellowship created by British philanthropist Cecil Rhodes in 1902.

Twenty-year-old Haj-Hassan of Amman, Jordan, is majoring in human biology. While at Stanford, her campus involvement has included co-founding the Coalition for Justice in the Middle East, serving as vice president of the Muslim Student Awareness Network, volunteering as a chaplain at Stanford Hospital and researching neonatal mortality in Jordan with an Undergraduate Research Opportunities major grant. Haj-Hassan also initiated and ran a summer camp for underprivileged children in Jordan through a Haas Center for Public Service Fellowship. ALso, as one of the national directors of the Aids Treatment Access Initiative, she coordinated a walkathon in Chicago.


Pediatrics Prof. Susan Hintz was Haj-Hassan’s first reader for her Human Biology Honors project about neonatal mortality rates in Jordan.

“As soon as I met her, I was utterly and completely impressed by Tanya — she was incredibly enthusiastic, thoughtful, dedicated and one of the most intelligent and organized students I had ever met,” Hintz said. “She planned and completed the data collection in five hospitals in Amman in only a few months and is now deep into her data analysis. She is truly focused, and has done an amazing and comprehensive job of looking at a very complex yet crucially important area of research.”

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